Early Learning at ISZL. I really like this style of documentation for parents.

A simple way of sharing weekly learning opportunities and outcomes with parents.

Activities and sheets on planning and tracking and observing children

OBSERVING CHILDREN - This observation sheet is similar to what is used in my practicum setting. This is a good way to record your observations of children's play and interests and will help you to plan future activities.

Early Learning at ISZL

In short water play leads to lots of hypothesising and answer seeking. Early Learning at ISZL


This poster expresses how important the simplest tasks are to learning and growth. just through blowing, chasing and shaking bubbles children learn a plethora of things important to their growth and maturity.

DIGITAL PORTFOLIOS are great to showcase the child's ongoing learning and decision making processes. Australian Child Care Apps - ACCA https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/family-day-care-observations/id1050848238?mt=8

Pin 11 - Digital portfolios are great to showcase and share children's ongoing learning with their families.

Te Whariki - New Zealand

[New Zealand] Overview and Recent Issues of New Zealand Early Childhood Education Curriculum (Te Wh& - Projects

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