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Love Hummus ? Check these Recipes  #hummus #recipe #healthyfood

Hummus is one of the healthiest foods, originated from Middle East. It basically consists of Tahini (sesame paste), chickpeas and garlic, but the varieties are endless. Here are some amazing ways to transform your hummus.

banshy: “Mist in the Trees // Jay Tayag ”

banshy: “Mist in the Trees // Jay Tayag ”


Love this cute off shoulder crop top with some short this outfit looks soo amazing and beautiful love it amazing my favourite love it.

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This is actually really funny bc purebred dogs are inbreds xD

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Appropriately crafted Green Glass bongs inside the producer, Black Leaf. This piece is surely an extraordinary piece of art with a slitted tree percolator for diffusion.

Glass Pipe Rainbow Sherlock Inside out frit 4" on Etsy, $38.00

Glass Pipe Rainbow Sherlock Inside out frit 4" on Etsy, $38.00

Vibrant Aqua Multi-Color Changing Twist Pattern Glass Pipe on Etsy, $36.00

Crystal Aqua Spiral Twist Pipe by JointCreations on Etsy

Well I don't really know how I feel about these but I still kinda want one

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