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Funny pictures about World's longest wooden masterpiece. Oh, and cool pics about World's longest wooden masterpiece. Also, World's longest wooden masterpiece.


I like this for a good modern design. It even seems to have a lock/release for the sword. I wanna check out cold steel

M40 Wilderness Survival Store  DeWalt demolition Reciprocating blades turned into knives

I got this just to see if it was worth the effort of making a few. This thing is razor sharp and tough. Just need to work on wrapping the hilt.

OMG...what an awesome ides! We have a piece like This we got from the Oregon Coast, was going to make a table out of it.....this is so much cooler!!! Thank you Pinterest, my husband will hate you for me finding this! Haha

Floor standing wine rack, made from a log of finished wood with recesses for wine bottles. What a beautiful way to store wine.

Welding gloves?

For their health & safety, I pray that Welder's put those "Bitch Mittens" on.