A deeply savoury Shepherd's pie

Comforting family favorite - Shepherd's pie made with tender lamb, garden vegetables and a creamy mashed potato topping.


Filo pastry and leftover roasts like lamb or even pork or beef are a great match. In this dish leftover lamb morphs into a totally new dish, equally enticing.

Lamb kofta meatballs in curry sauce

Lamb kofta meatballs in curry sauce. Bill Granger subs in these lamb kofta meatballs in curry sauce to his winter menu, subbing out staid spaghetti and meatballs.

Pot-roasted lamb shanks with polenta and sprouts

Pot-roasted lamb shanks- Delicious Australia July 2016 There is nothing like a slow-cooked lamb shank meal in winter. Using market fresh ingredients, this mod-Italian recipe by Iceberg Dining Room and Bar

French baked lamb with crispy potato topping

We& having a major partying (and eating) like it& 1995 when lasagne, pasta bakes and mac & cheese reigned supreme, crowning dinner tables everywhere.

Slow-roasted lamb shoulder with salsa verde marinade

Salsa verde is such a great sauce to pimp up your roast with and perfect topped over slow-roasted lamb.

Lamb shanks with wasabi mash

This easy casserole transforms ordinary lamb shanks into a special occasion meal with Asian spices and herbs.

Roasted lamb leg with potatoes and mint salsa

“Mint salsa brings out the best of this roast,” says chef Matt Moran.