We pay tribute to an Aussie classic by transforming the iconic Arnott's Iced VoVo into a delectable tart.

Arnott's Iced VoVo tart

Arnott's Iced VoVo tart recipe - To make the base, spray a (base measurement) fluted tart tin, with removable base, with canola oil.

Layer it up to make this surprisingly easy snowball trifle as a stunning Christmas dessert.

White chocolate snowball and strawberry trifle

Jamie's Sticky Glazed Roast Ham Recipe | Woolworths

Jamie's Sticky Glazed Roast Ham

Check out some of Jamie Oliver's Christmas Recipes, perfect for the perfect summery Christmas dish.

“This recipe is a fun take on the classic prawn cocktail. I’ve given the usual Marie Rose sauce a green twist by using avocado instead of cream or mayonnaise, making it both dairy and egg free. This is one of my summertime faves and is perfect as a shared appetiser or placed in the middle of the table on Christmas Day.” Georgia Barnes

Prawn cocktail platter with green seafood sauce

Santa can gulp down as much of this non-alcoholic cocktail as he likes!

Santa Claus punch

Santa Claus Punch 🎅🍹 Santa can gulp down as much of this non-alcoholic cocktail as he likes!

Jamie's Christmas turkey

A must this year! If you're worried about cooking the perfect Christmas turkey because you're afraid you'll get it wrong, don't be. This recipe is nice and simple and will help you achieve brilliant results for your Christmas meal.

Rainbow salad

Rainbow salad

Here is a Christmas decoration that tastes delicious too. Get into the festive spirit with these simple and tasty chocolate baubles.

Chocolate baubles

Chocolate baubles recipe - Place the chocolate cake in the bowl of a food processor and process until fine crumbs form. Combine the butter, condensed milk and brown sugar in a medium saucepan over medium.

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