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What a GREAT idea!!!

Want a fun way to encourage kids to do their chores? Craft a chore door knob hanger. Door hanger that says "to do" and "done". Clothes pins with the chore are on the "to do" side and when the child does the chore move they move it to the "done" side.

Colored Water Sensory Bin: Googly Eye Soup from Fun at Home with Kids

Colored Water Sensory Bin: Googly Eye Soup from Fun at Home with Kids (includes non-choking hazard alternatives in post)

OOOO....A Recipe for floam! I loved playing with this stuff

recipe for FLOAM!--rainy day craft for the 5 year olds that we are! :) Got to do this and let out my inner 5 year old !

Flubber recipe

Flubber Recipe For Kids So Fun! Here's the recipe. Flubber Mixture 1 ½ cups warm water 2 cups Elmer’s Glue Food coloring Mixture 3 tsp. Borax 1 cup Warm Water Stir mixture 1 together in 1 bowl. Mixture 2 in another bowl.

4 cups sand + 2 cups cornflour + 1 cup of water = moon sand! Who knew?

Make your own Moon Sand. 4 cups sand + 2 cups corn starch + 1 cup of water = Moon Sand! Do you realize how much I have spent on Moon Sand? I am SO EXCITED to try this!

Condensed milk painting. Dries shiny and beautiful.

condensed milk with food coloring for a painting activity. Just pour the milk in ice cube trays and add drops of food coloring in the separate compartments.

Copycat Bourbon Chicken

Bourbon Chicken - without the bourbon. (My Comments: This chicken was sooo yummy. Even better than the recipe I have that calls for real bourbon!

Smokey Mesquite BBQ Meatball Sliders

Smokey Mesquite BBQ Meatball Sliders 1 pound ground beef 1 Kraft Fresh Take Smokey Mesquite BBQ variety package 1 egg ⅓ pound bacon, chopped 1 medium onion, chopped ¼ cup Kraft Hickory BBQ sauce 3 slices Kraft Big Slice cheddar cheese 12 Hawaiian Rolls