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Equestria Daily: Drawfriend Stuff #1992

NATG day 5 “ draw a pony in apparel / draw a pony in peril!

They make me so happy!! Do they have a couple name?? If they do I need to know it!!

The name's Nick Wilde. I work alongside my partner Judy Hopps in Zootopia. __________________________________ This is a fan account involving the Disney movie Zootopia.

After Zootopia (***spoiler alert) - 4 by Mushstone

After Zootopia (***little bit spoiler alert) - 1 :mushstone. After Zootopia (***spoiler alert) - 4

Zootopia - White Day by on @DeviantArt

Zootopia-White Day by ZiyoLing on DeviantArt. I am a sucker for beautiful Zootopia fan art!

2016 judy & nick on Behance

Judy falling asleep on Nick on the train ride back to Zootopia, after visiting Bunny Burrow to have Nick meet Judy's parents.