Albert Chessa

Albert Chessa

Australia / A human being, mostly.
Albert Chessa
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Aging happens to everyone, whether we like it or not growing old is inevitable. But that doesn’t mean that our quality of life has to go down! Eating healthy, staying active, and taking care of yourself emotionally and spiritually can help anyone to make their golden years their best years. And when you feel good,... View Article

Maturing happens to everybody, in any case developing old is inescapable. However, that doesn’t imply that our personal satisfaction needs to go down! Eating healthy, remaining dynamic, and d…

no excuse

"This guy was 70 years old when he decided it wasn't too late to get into shape. What's your excuse?

Buff at any's possible! no excuses

74 year old. No excuses.NOTE: I wish all men over 40 would see this pin--Guys, girls DO look and just as you would want us fit into older age, so would WE like you to be! No excuses, lads--get off the couch and get moving!

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My new monster has arisen, welcome everyone....drum roll please a brainwashed HYPERION!!! @Queen of Disney✨

Don't miss the impressive art of Daren Horley who's recently worked on movie as Guardians of the Galaxy, 47 Ronin, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secret