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Not in this grocery store

Do you have a toddler? Children of that age can be exhausting, but they are also so much fun. Keep reading to learn more about parenting a toddler.


God, I love you and I really need you. I believe in you and love you and I apologize for everything bad I've done in my life. I hope you can forgive me. God, I love and I really need you

I feel ya kid, I feel ya :'( R.I.P. grandpa

Against bullying. Repost on most popular board.<<< Not my most popular board, because I don't usually do those repost things. I figured the caring people on this board would appreciate a pin like this one.


I'm doing this for the weirdness and so I can prove to people this stuff doesn't work, but yah, it's still fun.


Very outgoing-hot-loves people-class bunker-loves to laugh and smile-has gorgeous eyes-has gorgeous eyes-smile to die for-has smile to die for-has gorgeous eyes