Ashleigh Fisher

Ashleigh Fisher

Melbourne,Australia, / I am funny,got a good personality,has lots of friends and loves cats and anything sweet!
Ashleigh Fisher
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OMG light brown miniature dachshund puppy such a pretty color wiener dog! haha so cute cute cute cute cute

Gah! A Dachsund retriever pup

I think that this is the color of the doxie that my friend Ro used to see when see took her dogs for walks ~ English Cream long haired dachshund puppy. I have yet to see one this color ~ I would melt!

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i really want some new music so comment :)

Commet below of ur 3 favorite songs mine our Talk dirty, play it again,drunk on u

you have to follow me to.

and invite to my ∞c h a t b o a r d∞, just comment wen done.

First one right gets a shoutout!

Who do you think I am? Be honest:) comment bellow!) i think i'm dancer and good girl