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If you watched last get it!  Claimed ~ The Walking Dead I claimed him! He's mine! ;)

Claimed ~ The Walking Dead I claimed him! He's mine!) <<-- hell yes he's claimed. Lol<<lady's lady's we can SHARE HIM, hell yah hes claimed

Yes.  Yes we will.

For an exhaustive gallery of delicious man candy photos of Norman Reedus (AKA half-washed heartthrob Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead), check out the original post "I Don’t Give a Damn, I Done Dead Already: Presenting Daryl Dixon.

Norman Reedus-would much rather have Norman at my age than the other guy but this picture doesn't do his 'guns' justice.

I didn't choose the fangirl life, the fangirl life chose me.also that guy with those abs isn't cute!

Norman Reedus is delicious.  One of the reasons I love The Walking Dead. ;)

Wow he cleans up nicely.Norman Reedus- Daryl from The Walking Dead! My favorite character and by FAR the one I'd want taking care of me during the zombie apocalypse. He has a nice clean face in this picture lol.

norman reedus...why does this make my heart skip beats?!

My Reedus Addiction is my page to appreciate the perfection that is Norman Reedus. In all seriousness though, yes he is hot, but that's not all! Norman Reedus is a multi-talented man that should be.

Yes. Norman Reedus is in my "I Need These Things" board........ ;)

Mister Norman Reedus - Daryl Dixon in The Walking Dead! One of the sexiest actors alive!