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Robinson: The Journey For Playstation VR

Explore a vibrant prehistoric world inhabited by colossal dinosaurs in Robinson: The Journey, powered by PlayStation VR for

The history of virtual reality video games

Pre-orders for the consumer version of the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset are due to open on Wednesday January at PT, the company said today. At the back end of last year it confirmed the headset was on target to ship in - Source TechCrunch

10 great virtual reality apps that you should try out right now

New Virtual Reality Production Agreement Inked by Jaunt and “Don’t try to apply old rules to a new format," warns Steve Schklair.

Insomniac Games Gets Serious About Virtual Reality

This is the list of highly anticipated VR games of ranging from The Last Guardian to Edge of Nowhere.

What Nobody Will Tell You About Virtual Reality

There's a lot of hype about virtual reality these days, and most of it is wrong. Science fiction films and books have created a hunger for Oculus-style, head-mounted displays (HMDs) and "immersive".

New Virtual Reality Suit Lets You Reach Out & Touch 'Environment'

A group of engineers wants to help people "touch" virtual environments in a more natural way, and they built a wearable virtual reality suit to do just that.

Disney Will Use 360 VR Camera For Behind The Scenes Footage

Nokia has been part of the virtual reality game with the camera OZO. To keep the project running, the Finnish company announced today the OZO.

Acer Predator Updates Today! Desktop, Laptop & Monitor

Acer Predator Updates Today! Desktop, Laptop & Monitor