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Rebecca Taylor
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I love this edit!! So true

I love this edit! So true Bredefeld Bredefeld Bredefeld Bredefeld Lovato

Respect to Cory Monteith who has tragically passed away today. You will be missed Cory by all the people who loved you. Our thoughts   and prayers go out to your family and Lea Michele.  You are welcome to share your condolences at #CoryMonteith #LeaMichele

Cory Allan Michael Monteith (May 1982 – July was a Canadian actor and singer, known for his role as Finn Hudson on the Fox television series Glee from 2009 until his death in

Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto, Japan


all my windows still are broken but i'm standing on my feet (skyscraper - demi lovato)

Kelly Clarkson

"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger; doesn't mean I'm lonely when I'm alone." - What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger), Kelly Clarkson

-The Fray.

You Found Me - The Fray OMGGGG! I justt looooveeee thisss song lovee it one of my favs love this Picture!

The Fray - Over My Head song lyrics, music lyrics

The Fray - Over My Head song lyrics, music lyrics (much better when performed by ADTR!

absolutely love this.

ed sheeran Art Print by CalmOceans

Ed Sheeran.

"All I want, is the taste that your lips allow." -Give Me Love; Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran

I'm gonna pick up the pieces and build a lego house. If things go wrong, we can knock it down - Ed Sheeran 'Lego House'