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A great night out with friends... pretty much requires dancing like a fool

🍻🍻A great night out with friends. pretty much requires dancing till your foot breaks

If you have strict parents, you don’t need to be reminded that they’re strict. Your friends comment on it, your curfew is an hour earlier than everyone else’s, and the word “sheltered” has an all-too-familiar definition. It’s not fair! You’re not trying to hate on your parents – you love them and know they only want … Read More

It's not her dad I'm worried about talking to. It's her mom that would rather see me dead than at church.especially if they know what you did and yea.

"I wanted it so bad, that my passion assumed bodily form." Angela #DancinLikeNobodysWatchin

Quote of the day! from Martha Graham, a huge influence within the dance world ❤…

There's nothing basic about your group. (except your love of Starbucks Fraps)

Find your tribe squad or whoever and do Epic Shit! Thanks for these great quotes Good Morning ! by iamkimhill