4-Minute Golden Syrup Dumplings

Cook up our retro favourite Golden Syrup Dumplings in just 4 MINUTES!

Traditionalists may be horrified but this no-stir risotto really does get an authentic creamy texture, in only 8 minutes, and is fool-proof. Pressure cooking truly is a revolution in "fast food".

Stovetop Pizza

Who doesn’t love FRESH PIZZA in without using an oven. Faster than getting delivery!

Chorizo Frittata

In a rush? We have you sorted with our 15 minute Frittata! You will be fighting off the family for seconds with this favourite of ours! Frittata or tortilla?

Chicken & Corn Chowder

Creamy soup favourite for a cold winter night

Chicken and Chorizo Paella

The secret to a perfect Spanish Paella is the deliciously caramelised base which can be achieved perfectly in the Como Advanced Saute Pan without having the rice stick to the base.

Pork Ragu

The family will go back for seconds with this luscious, hearty, pasta with ragu that will melt in your mouth!

1-Pot Butter Chicken with Rice

Our spices are full of flavour and a little zing. Adjust the quantity used to suit your taste!

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