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Courtney Louise

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Courtney Louise
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Truth be spoken! I never wanted to give up on our marriage, our kids, or our family.I can walk away knowing that I tried.

Amsterdam is a compact city, but the sights are spread throughout, making it somewhat difficult to organize an easy-flowing self-guided walking tour. To see what we wanted to see, we had to cover some ground, which included a little zigging and zagging.

Popular destinations for river cruises in Europe include the breathtaking scenery which can be observed from luxury barges along the Rhine and Danube rivers

40 Things To Do In London: Sights, Eating, Nightlife, & Shopping

When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can offer”, By the English writer Samuel Johnson. 40 things to do in London [Infographic Checklist]

2 self-guided walking tour maps through 10+ major sights in Brussels (Bruxelles), Belgium

2 self-guided walking tour maps through major sights in Brussels (Bruxelles), Belgium