Danica Alexanderson

Danica Alexanderson

not telling / Hi my name is Danica my birthday is on the 14.09.05 I love to swim, train, play with friends and family and love playing with animals I have a sister Alana
Danica Alexanderson
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The opposite of albinism called melanism, a recessive trait where the skin and fur are all black. This right here is photoshopped. There are not black Lions.

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Hi I'm Jojo! Now I'm 13 and single. My bestie is Kalani and Kenzie! Now I dance at aldc! I love it there! Gianna is like a mom to me! But I love my mom to death! It's been a long time since I seen Kalani and Kenzie. I missed them!

Hi I'm Jojo!! I'm 14 and single!! My love dance and BOWS!!!!! I dance at aldc!! I love them there!! I love aldc!!!!

Hi I'm Jojo! I'm 14 and single! My love dance and BOWS! I dance at aldc! I love them there! I love aldc!