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But the person that makes me feel like i matter wont talk to me anymore and if he does its about the girl he likes (one of my teammates)

I'm not crazy for them but this reminds me of me and my sister @karribeari4

Awww>> God: Hey thanks for the shout out man. Be ready to meet some of your fans in heaven, you might get mobbed.

League of (Disney) ladies

Disney women portrayed as “League of Legends” characters. I don't play that game but I really like this fanart/mash-up a lot!

No hate please this is just what I think! The problem with these are you started to watch them because they were cute and then you liked them sooooo much more because they are total goofballs and it makes them like 100% cuter!

so true. He is so silly curious and hilarious. He really brightens my world each day. (his looks are just a bonus 😉)

Dolan Twin Facts - Both - Wattpad

Read Both from the story Dolan Twin Facts by Dolan_Twins_Facts (Grayson Dolan is Bae) with reads.

Dolan Twins

Ethan Dolan (white vest) with his brother Grayson Dolan at the H&M Loves Coachella Pop UP in April