Maheno Shipwreck. Fraser Island, Australia

Wreck of the Maheno, Seventy Five Mile Beach, Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia

Kingfisher Bay Resort - Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia

What It's Like to Stay at Kingfisher Bay Resort on Fraser Island

My Kingfisher Bay Resort - Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia. Not a bad place to grow up :)

6 Best Things to See on Fraser Island, Australia {Big World Small Pockets}

6 Best Things to Do: Fraser Island

Lake Mckenzie, Fraser Island Australia Best swim of my life.

Lake Mckenzie, Fraser Island Australia- best swim ever in a lake above sealevel

Fraser Island, southern coast of Queensland, Australia

Memories of driving on the beach in - amazing . Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia Australia (largest sand island in the world ~ Heritage Listed)

The Fraser Island Barber Shop boys are warming up with a rendition of "Uptown Dingoes". Photo by @brockdharris #visitfrasercoast

aka the Warrigal, Warang, Australian Native Dog.found in Australia and Southeast Asia.measures 28 - 43 inches long with a - 14 inch tail.lots of inter-breeding with domestic dogs

Champagne pools, Fraser Island

Fraser Island, stairs to Champagne Pools, Australia’s landscapes - East and south, Australia, Travel Photography