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Doom Tenebris

A bucket of glitter / Hi!!! I love Doctor who, Supernatural, Sherlock, Homestuck, Steven Universe, Adventure Time, Lots of anime, Drawing, Cosplay, and so many other things. :oD
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The fourth guy was like a completely different person when he drank <<< good one <<<< And I appreciate her sexuality or experimenting or whatever, but the fifth one was really not good for her. Such a bitch. All the rules and nothing in return.

We've all seen the rookie ballplayer get the shaving cream pie in the face during his first postgame interview. And you may have seen the baby with his pants on the ground after a recent NBA playoffs game. But the … Continue reading →

LOL!!!!! Martin in Richard III!! And this is so like him that I KNOW it's true. I can hear it AND see it. :D// Me too!!! =D (OMGOSH I CAN'T)<<<I AM NOT A HEDGEHOG oh es you are Martin. The fandom says so IT ALSO SAYS YOU ARE AN OTTER

This is the hardest I've ever tried to decide which board to pin to. Unique and Geek? I Want To Teach? Have a Laugh? To Do List? Amazizing? AUGH ok just going with this one because for once it's not Doctor Who or Sherlock.

Just because people's interests may seem weird to others, doesn't mean they aren't strong, confident, humane people. Often times more so than those who's interests are more "socially acceptable." And clothing is not an invitation! Props to the cosplayers!

Jack: *fanboy* Bob: *smiles* Mandy: *Smiles* Mark: COME HERE STRAW MNAHH!!!.........Mark is me at any and every restaurant I go toXD

Homestuck <<< Honestly, with Homestuck it's even better because it's "at the end you find out he's asexual/aromantic and they just look at each other with exasperated expressions"

The look on all of their faces would be priceless <<This should happen! And Cas does the confused kitten head tilt

I literally don't get this- I am only repinning it in the hope that someone will explain it to me So please someone explain it to me!--------he was de-lighted because he had no lights left