Gospel Choir of the church of Almighty God ((Single Tracks)

The sounds of nature are wonderful and brilliant. They bear witness to God becoming flesh and starting the Age of Kingdom. They praise the completion of God’s great work of saving mankind and the fact that God has triumphed over His enemies and has come back | The church of Almighty God
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The Salvation of the Soul | Musical Drama "Chinese Choir Episode 9"

Songs of Choir: Sorrow of Corrupt Mankind True Condition of Being Corrupted by Satan Practical God Saves Men in Obscurity Sorrow of.

New Heaven and New Earth | Stage Play Drama "Chinese Gospel Choir 13th Performance"

Human Beings Have Regained the Sanctity They Once Possessed La … la … la … la … On this jubilant occasion, at this moment of exultation (du ba du ba), God’s .

Praise and Worship | Rock Music "Chinese Choir Episode 11"

Songs of Choir: All Nations Come to Your Light God Bestows His Mercy Abundantly and Casts Out His Anger Fiercely All Things Are in God’s Hand All.

God's Love | Praise and Worship “Chinese Choir Episode 8”

Songs of Choir: God Has Returned Triumphant God’s Realness and Loveliness God Treats Man as His Dearest One God Has Returned Triumphant Ah … ah ….

The Gospel Hymn | Chinese Chorus "How Important God’s Love for Man Is"

The Gospel Hymn | Chinese Chorus "How Important God’s Love for Man Is"

Eternal Love | Chinese Chorus of the Church of Almighty God “God’s Realn...

God's Realness and Loveliness Accompaniment: "To Adam also and to Eve did the LORD God make coats of skins, and clothed them.

The Savior, whom man has been expecting for two thousand years, has returned. He is Almighty God, Christ of the last days, who has returned to flesh and worked in China. When God appeared this time, He brought the Age of Grace to an end and ushered in the Age of Kingdom. On the basis of the redemptive work, He has done the work of judgment beginning with the house of God. God is uttering words to all mankind personally, and all those who hear the voice of God and keep pace with the…

Songs of Choir: God Has Appeared in the East of the World with Glory The Significance of the Appearance of God Only Those Who Obey the Work of the H.

Worship Music | Chinese Chorus "All Nations Come to Your Light"

All Nations Come to Your Light You open Your broad bosom and caress the moaning mankind.) You wave Your mighty arms and show Your shining eyes.

Music of Heart | Chinese Chorus "The Significance of God’s Managing Mank...

The Significance of God's Managing Mankind The management of God is in order to gain a group of people who worship God and submit to Him. This mankind has.

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