naked choc cake

NAKED CHOCOLATE CAKE - Ingredients: cocoa or cacao powder coconut flour gluten free baking powder ground cinnamon sea salt eggs honey or organic maple syrup vanilla extract or vanilla bean paste macadamia nut oil or melted coconut oil or butter

Chicken Wonton Soup  2x Chicken Thigh Fillets  1 egg  1/4 Bunch of Wombok   1 shallot onion  1tbs oyster sauce  1tsp Soy Sauce  1/4 tsp Sesame Oil  1l Good Quality Chicken Stock  2 stalks Lemon Grass  4cm Ginger  1 Bunch fresh Coriander leaves  2 Spring Onions  30g Chinese Rice Wine  10g Soy Sauce  20g Fish Sauce  Juice Half a Lemon  Baby Spinach, Fresh Coriander, Fresh Chilli or Chilli Paste,

Chicken Wonton Soup Chicken Thigh Fillets 1 egg Bunch of Wombok 1 shallot…

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