ig: @irisnectarstudio...I'm a visual artist, community organizer, and curator. I'm really passionate about supporting other artists, so you will find a lot of work on this blog that is not my own. Anything that I have made will be tagged Iris Nectar. I...


Words of Wisdom | - He’s still not touching me Touch me now, I think, now The thought doesn’t come From my brain, but from my body He’s breathing warm against my neck breathing in my fragrance I touch him *Zebra Palm Linen Print Schumacher Fabric

black | schwarz | noir | nero | negro | μαύρος | черный | काला | ブラック | 黑 | texture | textures | -----> Like to relax not only visually? Try ASMR ... and visit ...

Information about BA Textile Design at Chelsea College of Arts, University of the Arts London (UAL).