Rumour ;-;

Rumour ;-;

Im a lazy ass bitch who cant seem to make any friends irl.. (im so sorry friends) Yup... i love gay ships and creepypoosta
Rumour ;-;
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Boredom..... by hanahope

Even tho Ben is dead he can posses tv's and touch anime tiddies. He has won life my friends.

Eyeless Jack

Creepypasta - Eyeless Jack (in my opinion he is a little more human in this pic)

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Read from the story Imagenes yaoi (Creepypasta) by Luana-Lola (ルアナ♡) with reads.Jack x jeff the killer Si lo intercambie Si no se ve pos me.

As if I would get back together with you!

Jeff is loving. You creeps just don't believe in us dark souls😈

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Maybw is because you're beautiful Jeffy *squeezes Jeff to death*