Cat Paull

Cat Paull

Injured soccer player impatiently waiting until I can get back on the field. Follow my on Twitter @InjuredDefender or on Flickr: InjuredDefender30 :)
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There is no greater satisfaction than lacing up your soccer boots... true story! I cannot wait to wear mine again

Drink lots of water!! When you are injured, when you are tired, when you are awake

Helpful pain makes you stronger. Bad pain does you damage

Walking in water is a great way to slowly build up strength, without putting too much pressure on your legs

15 minutes each day. Slowly build up your time, and soon you'll be doing 60mins without breaking a sweat!

Complementary Medicine can be really effective - I am currently going to a kinesiologist, having acupuncture, doing yoga and meditation

Powdered Magnesium is really good to take for injuries, not an advertisement just some advice from a constantly injured soccer player