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This 7-year-old and her mom have nailed the disney dress-up game

This and her mom have nailed the disney dress-up game << DUDE THIS IS INSANE! The Incredibles is such an underrated movie.

Cole Sprouse Memes, Riverdale Jughead Funny Photos |

How the fuck is he the same person as either zack or Cody (I never knew which was which) More

I did.that just bcz i dnt express or write and show like u dsnt mean i love any less.i believed him.but when it came to loving enough not to let the other leave hurting.he lost.

13 Reasons Why | Funny scene with Hannah and Jessica

Wished these two could work out but Jess turned out to be a big bitch.

Cole Sprouse as Jughead Jones in Riverdale

riverdale is nothing w/o JUGHEAD and that beanie actually happy that they made it different from the comics and make betty and jug a couple otp

@colesprouse We interrupt Botswana's scheduled programming to bring you this announcement: #Riverdale has been picked up! Catch #Jughead on the CW. A return to acting is gunna be a bit strange, but Im doing it with a good group of people. Alright, round two start.

The lineup from the CW's new show "Riverdale" stars Cole Sprouse and a few other insanely attractive, up-and-coming actors.