Claire Devlin

Claire Devlin

JustGirlyThings2 is suppose to stand for JGT101 but Pinterest didn't let me do JGT2 but this is how It turned out to be JGT101
Claire Devlin
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Bucket list things to do before I die, travel super far with my best girl friend! Which I will soon as I find a "best girl friend".

Or in my case, talking to myself when someone unexpectedly walks around the corner...and witnesses you talking to an inanimate object.

I want to play the guitar but not a regular one. I want to learn electric guitar. ( ^ω^ ) my mom said she will get me a guitar for Christmas! I'm so happy! My friend is going to teach me how to play it

OMG yes! All i listen to on road trips is 5SOS, 1D, Green Day and Linkin Park!!! #dabaes -kiara

Little things I love, listening to music on road trips . just girly things

not only because it feels good but because it makes sure I seem normal and that nothing ever happened...

I do this all the time! I can't wear long sleeves without covering my hands! It's like a habit!

my weakness: keeping every single text message just in case i might need them some day, and completely accepting the fact that it makes my phone the world's slowest.