Aussie vocab

THAT'S WHAT MICHAEL MEANT maccas is MCDONALDS<<that's what "had a job downtown workin the servo" means!>> that's why they say "you know it's true love when you know their maccas order"

Meanwhile, In Australia...

Snake In The Toilet: picture brought to you by evil milk funny pics. Image related to Snake In The Toilet

Assshhhllleeeeeyyyyyy....ummm, do we still have to visit Australia??????

Funny pictures about Some Truths About Australia. Oh, and cool pics about Some Truths About Australia. Also, Some Truths About Australia photos.

I cannot express to you how much I want to go grocery shopping with a kangaroo now. @Rian Bessinger


Meanwhile in Australia. I cannot express to you how much I want to go grocery shopping with a kangaroo now.

Meanwhile in Australia

This is true but the snake died of severe internal damage later. The crocodile also died

Meanwhile in Australia (No F*cks Were Given)

I'm tempted to think this photo has been photoshopped . only I recently saw a shark spotted sign at Blueys Beach, and plenty of people, including my husband, were still out surfing.

Welcome to Australia…

Welcome to Australia…

Meanwhile in Australia...Giant spider under a car.....littaraly have a chill down my spine...uuughhhhahhh

That is the state of NOPE<<< Um, Australia is a country. It is the country of nope.

Meanwhile... in Australia

Australian Diver Attacks & Kills Massive Great White Shark In The Waters Off Mexico

meanwhile in Australia.... engine might be flooded?

Straya – Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome on PMSLweb Air’s flight 747 to the Land Down Under. Our aircraft today is under the command of Captain Froz.

Meanwhile in Australia...

Things that happen in Australia, Nightmare koalas waiting for you in your garage, presumably to consume you.

Meanwhile In Australia (13 Photos)

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meanwhile in Australia.... croc safety

I don't always wrestle crocodiles, but when I do, I arm myself with a hat and a rake.