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Handprint poem for first day of school
Wise mind is a state of mind that integrates logical thinking with emotional awareness. It is a mindful state in which you make decisions by integrating different ways of knowing and don't cut off parts of your experience. It means integrating our amygdala's intuitive reactions with the wisdom of past experience and knowledge about the world.
What is mindfulness?
#EmotionRegulation | Repinned by Melissa K. Nicholson, LMSW
"Bow and Arrow" supports worksheet to help clients identify healthy and unhealthy relationships, circumstances, choices, etc.
The function of feelings
Mindfulness Poem about Relating To Feelings. Great way to get kids talking about their emotions.
42 Mindfulness Activity Cards to help students re-focus and re-center. Cards include deep breathing, guided imagery and mindful movement.
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