Brockwell the Brave by Jenny Woolsey

Brockwell the Brave is for children aged 9-12. The main character viking, Brockwell Ness lives on a dragon farm, He's scared of the adult dragons and would rather be a healer. Colden the village bully picks on Brockwell as well. One day Mr Ness does not return from rescuing a wild dragon and Brockwell must make a decision. Will he face his fears to go and find his father? The story deals with the themes of vikings, dragons, bullying, friendship, gender roles and bias, facing fears and bravery.
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The term "bullying" seems to be thrown around a lot, when it might be an isolated event. This is interesting and may be worth discussion. Lesson about identifying bullying behaviors vs. mean, teasing, or conflict behaviors.

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Bullying speaks negatively of the bully, but tells us nothing about his victim. it is the opposite of honor and consideration.