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Jessica hodge

Jessica hodge
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Your best meat-free options to boost your iron levels.

Remember to always pair with foods high in Vitamin C to ensure your body can absorb the maximum benefit!

I love this

In these moments, time stood still. Such a good idea to get baby pictures of kids, their names, date of birth, and a clock with the time they were each born. I love this idea!

My sensual Valentine's Day gift for my hubby ❤️ it was very budget friendly, easy to do, and John loved it!

hear: christmas lights with speakers touch: panties taste: star moon (at freds) candies or his favorite vapor juice smell: candles see: blind folded? or picture collage

Cute gift!

24 lottery tickets for jeremys birthday! Homemade gift for the boyfriend! Our 2 year anniversary is in TWO months! What a creative gift that he'll actually appreciate!