10 Great Plants for a Butterfly Garden

10 Great Plants for your Butterfly Garden. Includes Echinachea (coneflower), black eyed susan, salvia, butterfly bushes and more!

Creative Container Garden Ideas | Using Succulents Rocks #GardenIdeas #Gardening

Nice planter using broken pieces of stone or slate. We have a variety of slate, fieldstone, and PA blue stone that could be beautifully repurposed into this planter! Fun project for dad and the kids :)

Cineraria  They like cool weather. Don't think I can grow them here but will use another plant for this color combination. Love it.

Blue and purple border Great color! Thinking of doing this in our flower beds this year! I love purple and blue!

30 Fascinating Low-Budget DIY Garden Pots

30 Fascinating Low-Budget DIY Garden Pots

24 Creative Garden Container Ideas Use tree stumps and logs as planters! This would be a great use for the old railroad tie in my yard!

Kangaroo Paw....native plant - other colors too. This is pink - not so common, I believe.

"Kanga paw" Light Pink Kangaroo Paw Family: Haemodoraceae Genus: Anigozanthos Species: manglesii Tropicals and Tender Perennials. suitable for xeriscaping. Flowers are good for cutting. Suitable for growing in containers.

Herb Garden Pallet with The Home Depot #Digin #ad #HeartOutdoors | PinkWhen.com Jennifer West

How to Make an Herb Garden from a Pallet

[I think this idea is clever, practical yet beautiful]. Quick & easy pallet idea -- beautiful vertical herb garden DIY -- love the paint color choice. It would be so fun to pay with different fonts on the labels, too.

Native Everlasting Daisy Rhodanthe chlorocephala - these are a must for our native garden. I so love the colour.

Native Everlasting Daisy (Rhodanthe chlorocephala) Grows naturally in the south of Western Australia extending into South Australia.

Is it Time to Reconsider Using Australian Natives?

Raingardens are popping up all over the country. They look incredible and are a great way to save water and protect our environment from erosion and pollution. Find out everything you ever need to know about our water wise friend, the raingarden.

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