Lovely way to incorporate indigenous play into the classroom! These could be used for matching or prompts in literacy.

PIN Indigenous reconciliation begins with celebrating histories of Indigenous families and communities, as well as implementing Indigenous learning into pedagogical frameworks.

Teaching students about the Dreaming can be achieved with this resource. There are 6 different dreaming told by aboriginal children from around Australia. Based on an award winning education series. Each story is presented with an introduction, audio and video. There are links to ABC resources.

Listens to Aboriginal stories and songs and views Aboriginal artworks and dance. 6 Aboriginal Dreaming stories told by children - audio and video

Australian History in pictures and narratives! This is great!

Australian history website - uses living books, great for homeschoolers

This is a resource that includes many free PDFs that involve different topics of Australian history.

School resources · Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House

An in depth video designed for school children to learn about what 'The Dreaming' is and what it means for the Indigenous Australian population.

Draft video for te Australian Museum for their Dreaming Stories. This is about Goorialla the Rainbow Serpent. The performers are my good friends and brothers: Gumaroy Newman, Eric Arthur Tamwoy (Turtle) and Norm Barsah.

Dust Echoes is an interactive ABC website with 15 Indigenous Dreamtime stories presented as videos. Each video has teacher materials including study guides and was made in conjunction with VIT standards.

Dust Echoes: Ancient Stories, New Voices - a series of 12 beautifully animated dreamtime stories from Central Arnhem Land, telling stories of love, loyalty, duty to country and aboriginal custom and law.

Feb 18th is Sorry Day. Sorry, Kevin Rudd's Apology to "The stolen Generation". This is a great video for class discussion about why and what this apology was for. Why it was significant, and what has happened since.

‘Sorry’ apology to Stolen Generations - Creative Spirits Infamous speech by the ex-Prime minister Kevin Rudd apologizing to the indigenous Australians for the atrocities that occurred to the Stolen Generation

KPS should have these around the school, it shows the Indigenous States.

A0 Fold Aiatsis Map Indigenous Australia

Fishpond Australia, Fold Aiatsis Map Indigenous Australia by David Horton.

Aboriginal Language Map. This is interactive and made for the interactive whiteboard. The cursor becomes a magnifier so students can identify all 600 tribes and languages by region.

The Australian continent: Indigenous Language Map - Students can explore the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island regions and how they observe how they differ from the Australian states and territories.

ABC series on convicts during collinisation. The complete series starting with this video follow a English Woman Mary Bryant and life from being caught to coming to Australia and her interactions here with the Indigenous population. The clips are short and suitable for grades 4 to 6. They were designed as educational resource materials   The Incredible Journey of Mary Bryant

The Incredible Journey of Mary Bryant-Episode Part 1

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