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spiral staircase - interior design | Tumblr.

Love the exposed brick Amazing stairs! The Brick Loft / FARM Architect by Jeremy San TzerNing Home Decor

Infinity pool

Wainscott, New York. an infinity pool seems to float amid the landscape. The pool’s bluestone surround extends to the terrace of the shingled guesthouse.

Gorgeous old mansion, perfect mountain hideaway

Victorian house in Arcata, California, I love a lot of things about the architecture here. I want to live in California, might as well live in a beautiful home.

... what she said.

Its amusing that while you were hoping to ruin my life, I was busy becoming successful and karma was biting you in your poor, ugly ass.:) lol why I graduated college you were still trying to get a GED! lol and still on assistance.

& I'm grateful for that!

THANK GOD, there is no proof.and most of the witnesses are getting too old to remember.or are they.or is there no proof!

The drama is all yours.

How about you quit stalking me and move on with YOUR life and stop trying to mimic MY life! It's a new year a people are still with the same drama