The road to loving my Thermomix: Spinach Wraps

Recipe Spinach Tortillas/Wraps - Recipe of category Baking - savoury

I have been making my own washing powder for a while now and have played around with this recipe a few times. I have added the Epsom salts, which I love. It makes my clothes feel softer, but again...

Washing Powder (no borax) with added fabric softener (I use this recipe. Do it in half lots & add of borax IN Each Half lot) -KERRY


Yes, this slice takes only 5 seconds to whip up, it will literally take you longer to get all all your ingredients out of the cupboard than it will to .

This vanilla plain cake will take you about 2 minutes to whip up (minus the cooking time). It’s simply put everything in the bowl and mix for 10 seconds, scrap down the sides and mix again… That’s it!

Once your cake has cooled, ice with our basic icing recipe. This cake will store well in an air-tight container for days, but it freezes well iced and all.


This Vanilla Bean Paste is one of our most popular recipes and that& because it& great, and it& so much cheaper to make yourself! Don& be scared, its super simple .

Pumpkin Scones. - Sistermixin

These pumpkin scones are so light and fluffy, they are delicious! You& have these whipped up in no time and with minimal mess.

These Chocolate Bliss Balls are one of the easiest ways to curb the cravings without blowing the guilt.

If you are after a Bliss Ball that’s child friendly, lunchbox friendly, delicious and moreish then these Caramel ones are for you!

These finger buns are soft, fluffy, out of this world delicious but what’s best is they are preservative free!

Guest Recipe by Lailah Rose (Thermomumma) - Finger Buns - Sistermixin

Tomato Sauce

We love our nan& tomato sauce recipe that can be found in our free Christmas Ideas ebook, but as this takes all day to cook we also wanted a recipe .

Wraps - Sistermixin'....

These Plain wraps are so yummy! You may like to make 2 lots (doubling may be too hard for your machine) and freeze them once cooked.