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How did i not notice this before? Captain Planet and The Magic School Bus. It's the Magic School Bus kids all grown up!

This made me cry! I love this!

Soldiers surprising their families is one of my favorite things. I couldn't help but smile, I also cried a little😭

Laughed way to hard

I didn't learn about this in driving school. Stop says the red light, go says the green. What says the yellow light, twinkling in between. Kneel says the demon light with it's eye of coal. Sauron knows your license plate and stares into your soul.

This made me laugh so hard I had to pin

This made me laugh so hard I had to pin<<< It took me a couple times to realize why he kicked the guys head XD

i don't even know

The lady looks so unfazed by the running jelly beans. I have been watching this over and over and every time I notice something new.

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Harry Potter necklaces-- I would wear any of these! I have the Time Turner. But there's also a random Mockingjay pin in there. Oh well, I'd wear that too.


this does work on a touch screen. It works if you just watch it. Even if you have a touch screen