Barring our car repairing facilities, we also offer services such as pre-purchase and general vehicle inspections.

Car servicing is not just a job but an art that they love to perform and it is the reason why the company has tasted its success within a few years after its relocation in Lithgow.

We have been approved as a StateFleet & SG Fleet vehicle repairer services.

A host o services include fuel system cleaning, oil change, fuel injection and transmission repair and fuel injection and fuel system cleaning provided at 6351 3666

The best fuel injection chemical by the potent authorities of New South Wales.

Convenient location of the garage helps you drive in with your car and satisfy you after serviced your car at 6351 3666

Brads Garage - Automotive Servicing in Lithgow.

Brads Garage located in Lithgow, NSW provides car service at affordable price.

Brads Garage - Car repair Servicing in Lithgow.

Brads Garage provides service for your car at reasonable price on 6351 3666

We offers the best garage services in Lithgow with all kinds of automotive service and also known across NSW along with basic service like change of oil.

Competent experts take care of your car and thoroughly check it for any problem on 6351 3666

Get The Complete CarRepairing Service From Brads Garage.

The system tests the car under load to get a clear picture of its condition. Most importantly, one can test the vehicle prior to purchase it so that the buyer does not get into troubles afterwards at 6351 3666

Get Complete CarRepair Service From Blue Mountains Fuel Injection.

Services like auto tuning, car servicing, transmission repair n dyno tuning, fuel injection and fuel system cleaning provided with meticulous care at 6351 3666

We provide services of that component that needs to be checked, such as spark plugs, injectors, fuel pressure regulators, carburetors, fuel pumps, air to fuel ratios, electronic sensors, turbochargers, fuel quality and many more.

After having serviced you car from Brads Garage you will not have to take the service very soon with comparison of others at 6351 3666

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