Lighthouse in approaching Storm, Perth, Western Australia.

Lighthouse in the backdrop of an approaching Storm Perth, Western Australia

Last witch burning in 1657, Milnathort area, Perth, Scotland

Last witch burning in Milnathort area, Perth, Scotland--sad example of extreme patriarchy

City of Perth, mix of old and new architecture...I know which style I prefer, and it isn't concrete highrise blocks!

City of Perth, mix of old and new architecture. so much of the older architecture demolished! (and we are such a young country).I'm glad Fremantle has keeps high rise buildings away.

Perth, WA- Australia

Perth City Aerial Drone Photo DJI Phantom Skypixel Western Australia City Kirk Hille Photography by kirkhillephotography

Storm over the City, Perth, Western Australia

Storm over the City, Perth, Western Australia

Perth, Australia...

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Matilda Bay, Perth Western Australia...I love this boat shed  and this city.  WA is such an amazing place and Perth is one of the most naturally beautiful cities in the world.

Blue, Matilda Bay, Australia

Matilda Bay, Perth Western Australia - amazing water, sky and boat shed

#Perth, Australia (the city scores an overall rating of 95.9 out of 100)

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