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But like I said before, if there is such magic, I'm not taking any chances. But first I need a love-er? Because I doubt crushes count.

For anyone who needs to calm down and breathe and say to themselves "it's ok, I can do this" -Arctic Penguin

FOR ALL YOU STRESSED PEEPS calming cat, calming, find, search, tagging this so i can find it later<<everyone needs this.

this is exactly why I love tacos

I'm just pinning this because there is a DANCING TACO! Seriously, all everyone cares about is the immunity, but I just want my DANCING TACO dreams to come true!

Just listed on Etsy: An original dress made with a Liberty Jane sloper, and accessories. www.Forever18Inches.etsy.com

Good way to use up two small pieces of fabric. Looks fabulous. American Girl Doll Clothes - Knit Tribal Print Dress, Faux Leather Purse, and Leather Belt.

Lucius is all like, 'Boi! You did this all the fucking time!

If only I wasn't so introverted and had social anxiety

Make it fun. That's what some people have sports for, for them it's fun and it makes exercise easier. Make exercise fun for nerds and we're more likely to go for it.