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You could drive for a day and still be in the same state. It took me few days to even get in a another state.

50 insane facts about Australia

Avant is Proudly Australian owned and managed. We are the oldest local owned recruitment company in the Territory. This board celebrates our passion for the Northern Territories natural wonders. Facts about Australia.

Some Truths About Australia. Funny and terrifying

Some Truths About Australia

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Only in Australia . visit Australia buy a boomerang, take it home see how customs etc likes it.

Compilations of funny pictures about Australia

Welcome to Australia. There are 1275 animals that could kill you, fire rornados and kangaroos everywhere.

36 of the Best Meanwhile in Australia Pictures

Straya – Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome on PMSLweb Air’s flight 747 to the Land Down Under. Our aircraft today is under the command of Captain Froz.

SCUMBAG SEAT BELT LAWS... - Misc - quickmeme

School bus logic: children must always wear a seat belt, except if you put 50 of them in one vehicle. Makes no sense which is why our kids will never ever ride the school bus!