maths counting with counters #montessori #math

Numeracy: Objects as counters can be switched up to keep math and counting work fresh: tie into a theme, the season, a holiday, or more.

multiplication the Montessori way...  #montessori #math

Ebi-kun came home from yochien a couple of days ago and announced that he wanted to learn multiplication, it was next on my to do list so we.

Montessori math

My Favorite Montessori Math Material

Montessori math materials and video I love all the Montessori math materials. They build sequentially on previous learning, introduce concrete learning before abstract [.

Math the Montessori way- Golden Beads.

Introductory Tray- introduces students to unit bead, ten bar, hundred square and thousand cube, as well as numeral symbols

Salt Tray Letter Leaning - This Montessori-style activity let's your little one lean how to mimic what a letter looks like, along with the opportunity to ask them what a certain word starts with, so they can draw that letter in the salt tray. Post courtesy of @JenMontessori

Writing in salt (this site has Montessori & Montessori-inspired activities). Is salt the best idea for this? I might choose sugar. Salt hurts when it gets in your eyes.

Large Bead Stair #montessori #math

The Large Bead Stair

Cave Creek Montessori kindergarteners loving using the large bead stair

My Montessori Preschool: Handwritting activities

Show flashcards and have kids write the letter in a shallow dish of sand. Or do NUMBERS - have child write number and or make x number of holes or x's in the sand

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