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Vote Now – Kitchen Islands With Exposed Shelving Or Hidden Storage?

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Wood storage like this could be paired with my other fireplace designs - even outdoors.

I would have this rack outside in the garden, nect to outdoor kitchen . (Source : TIBAS openhaarden & kachels Decoracion sala comedor Hierro Estanteria Diseño Almacenaje de troncos madera chimenea is creative inspiration for us.

Links to our comprehensive series of articles describing the building process as it applies to new house construction in Australia.

(My Grandmother made an amex room to the house in Mayagüez in 1964 I saw al this frame work being work form the ground up.

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Dormer Addition Weather Tight Last week we began a dormer addition project in Pennington, NJ. Check out the dormer addition fro.

Tying a new roof into an old one - Fine Homebuilding Question & Answer

Q: I’m building an addition to my truss-roofed house. The new gable roof will be perpendicular to the existing gable roof. What’s the best way to attach these two roofs?