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HAHA Desktop Cat Seat -- I need this!

Desktop Cat Seat- because we all know, I AM the crazy cat lady :-)

wall play area for cats.

nice contemporary cat furniture on modern cat furniture the ultimate bengal cat sky walk contemporary cat furniture

not morning yet. still dark out. We stay right here. - the thing that disgusts me about cats is that they walk around in a box full of their own urine and feces. then jump out of that box straight on your face.

The Easter Island statues have bodies. Back View

Easter Island statues have BODIES? Who knew? Fascinating update from the folks at the Easter Island Statue Project.

A raging male silverback gorilla

A male silverback gorilla rages at a zoo in America's Midwest. These heartfelt portraits of apes in captivity capture the faces of man's closest relatives as they express rage, pride and sadness. - by Steven Miljavac - Telegraph