Prep Year - Science

For teachers of Prep (Foundation) Year Australian Curriculum: Science. The Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) has put together this Pinterest board to assist teachers to plan, teach, assess, and report using free quality digital curriculum resources.
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Science learning area overview. A one page resource supporting implementation of the Australian Curriculum Science (P-10) with summaries of the learning area rationale and aims, key ideas, intent of interrelated strands and content descriptions...
The Australian Curriculum: Science is endorsed. The Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority has developed advice, guidelines and resources incorporating the Australian Curriculum.
Prep Year Science standard elaborations
How to teach science. This self-paced coaching module provides Queensland teachers and pre-service teachers with research-validated information and advice to build teacher knowledge, skills and understanding of how to teach science from Prep to Year 10 and in all learning areas. It includes six episodes titled: Teaching science; An inquiry approach; Investigating scientifically; Experimental investigations; Representations; and Personalising learning.
Garden detective: explore a New Zealand garden (F–2). Students examine the garden with the magnifying glass looking for different creatures. Once found, a description of the creature with some of its distinguishing characteristics is displayed.
Mixing colours: match (F-2). Students experiment with mixing primary colours to create new colours with which they paint pre-defined pictures.
Let's make it go (F-1). Students examine what it is that 'powers' everyday objects in everyday environments.
Water quality and use: early years – collection (F-4). This collection of 25 digital curriculum resources is organised into four categories: water quality and management strategies; obtaining and storing water resources; water sustainability and efficiency of use; and animals that rely on healthy waterways...
Light and shadows: casting shadows(F-2). Students explore the shadows cast by different objects such as a bike, an umbrella and a child. They position the Sun to cast shadows at different angles and of different sizes.
Soil types (F-2).Students examine the properties of three different soil types, sand, loam and clay, and explore the effects of compaction and water content on the soil. [includes spoken instructions] |