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The 7 hokages- hashirama senju, tobirama senju, hiruzen saratobi, minato…

Naruto will be forever the hero!Me: and Sasuke will forever be AWSOME and cool and strong and also a hero! Me: no problem naruto anytime!

[TG]Embrace by ooorangejuice on DeviantArt

couldn't think of a nice title im sorry. if anyone could come up with a much mUCH better one for me i'd be really thankful yeah orz orz; _(: 3 7 L )_;

Kaneki and Hide

Kaneki and Hide its ok i dont need a heart it can stay shattered on the floor

Kaneki Ken- Tokyo Ghoul

Browse Haise Sasaki Ken Kaneki Tokyo Ghoul: Re collected by Rifvany CrossZeria and make your own Anime album.

Hinami - TG

Hinami, that part when her parents got killed is sad.i feel sad for this girl. (cry) Let me hug youu!

Kaneki Ken

White hair, red eye anime guy with blood<< His name is Kaneki Ken, you swine