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Rachael Melbourne

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Rachael Melbourne
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You only learn by the risks and chances you take, you only learn by living. Life was made so we could learn by making mistakes until we knew exactly how we should of lived life, and that is when we go to heaven.

Sometimes it takes a damn site longer than it should but eventually, finally I learn. Just hope and pray it's not too late.

This is such a great quote to help anybody get over a bad break up.

God protected you from that relationship. That person wasn't included in your purpose

Nude lips

This nude lip goes so well with Cara. It contrast so well with those bold dark, fierce eyebrows of hers that we all want to have. The smokey eye really adds to the whole look. See if i were to try this color, my lips would be invisible😦

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Still can't get over this result she had Coloured "BLACK HAIR" and now she's a "smokey ash blonde" in one session? with sooooo much patience…" light ash brown hair.