HIIIII!!!!! THIS IS SARAH'S COUSIN!!!! I stole her computer a while ago and made some random boards LOLZEEEES!!!!! TOTES NOT MADE UP!!!! (It is)
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Love it!

Love it!

I love this kid

this kid is my fav non main character of ninjago coz hes just so funny!


Haha XD yes! Well im waiting for The Death not that exited about what will happen to my newtie.

this proves my point that zane can have his power without having to unlock it like the rest of them!

Even though i knew he came back, I still cried.

I literally left my house and flopped on the ground in my backyard, crying

I had a ninjago dream last night.and the night before.and the night before that. and ever since i have loved ninjago. << I wish that would happen to me.

Ah Zane

The first thought that popped into my mind when I saw this image of Zane striking a pose: "what does the fox say?