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If lesbians are so into witchcraft, why aren't there more of us on film and TV?

Derek Hale

Dani McCall is fearless, she never thought she would find out what fear felt like. She doesn't know what love feels like. Derek Hale walks into her life and changes all that.

Chris D'elia,Interview

this is freaking me out and making me laugh at the same time!

Legolas,Middle Earth

Advice I Learned From the Real Housewives: “Go Be Offended at Your Own Life”

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Witch's Beads

I would like to point out that pagan prayer beads existed before the "rosary"

Image - Witches to be burnt at the stake.PNG

Witches to be burnt at the stake.PNG

The Burning Times: Again, not witches in the modern Pagan sense. The “Burning Times” aka the Inquisition was a way for the Catholic Church to prove it had the biggest dick and ran the show.

Egyptian Bast pyramid scarab mini-shelf pagan wiccan wall altar

Egyptian Wall Altar - OOAK Pagan Decor

Egyptian Wall shrine - OOAK Pagan Decor via Etsy --- I really like the idea of using small "floating" shelves as shrines.

Blessed Be!

wiccateachings: “Wiccans live by a rule from the Wiccan Rede which is ‘Do as ye will, but harm none’ There seems to be a bit of confusion when it come to the ‘Harm None’ rule. Harm None doesn’t mean.

Where it is from, how to use it. Complete info about Dragon's Blood

Where It Is From , How to Use It. Complete Info About Dragon's Blood.By Pagan Path.

Book of Shadows:  #BOS Connecting with Ancient Deities page.

Book of Shadows: Connecting with Ancient Deities page.- Pinned by The Mystic's Emporium on Etsy