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So, What's Best to Promote Healthy Pet Aging in Dogs and Cats?

This article offers some simple and practical advice on how to keep your home environment safe for children if you live with a dog.

Keeping Children Safe Around Dogs - SitDropStay - Dog Training

Have you considered having a dog trainer come to your home? Here’s why in-home dog training is fast becoming the trend.

When it comes to dogs, first impressions will dictate how that new family member fits in and adjusts.

cats and dogs can be friends

FBI Reports Animal Cruelty Cases as a Major Offense- this is a step in the right direction! Animals have no voice, they need protection. Prosecute the offenders!

walking your dog

How to walk your dog. Should your dog walk by your side?

Does 'Positive Only' Dog Training Work?

Discussing our migraine specialist appointments with someone else can help us sort through the details and find the positive.

Does 'Positive Only' Dog Training Work?

Behavioural problems that can result from taking a puppy away from its mother between weeks - Leadchanges

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