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actually glow in the dark paint isn't that bright, but yannow. Paint some plastic roses with glow in the dark paint, put them in a vase = DIY night light ! omg so cute

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✊🏻The Interlocked Fingers✊🏻 Couples who typically interlock all of their fingers while holding hands tend to have a deeper connection. They have clearly surpassed mere physical attraction toward one another, and feel profoundly for each other on a.

“Don't do that," he says. "Don't ask me questions you already know the answers…

"Don't ask me questions you already know the answers…

Im tearing myseld apart just to keep you together. I love you so fucking much it feels like there is a huge fucking hole in the middle of my chest. I knew i shouldnt have let you touch me lastnight. I knew it. I was looking at tattoos to get with your ass. Im working on getting a job to live with your ass. Why the fuck would i cheat on you? I fucked up once but since then nope. Im all for you. Your not gonna find this again so stop the shit come back to where you know you belong and should…

Her lips were so soft.I felt them asking for more.we parted.and yet the moment remains.like a wondrous fragrance in the air brushing through my inner most being.

Glitch Wordmark/Verbicons by Duminda Perera #Design Popular #Dribbble #shots

Glitch Wordmark/Verbicons by Duminda Perera

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this is not a dream

tbh i love ppl playing w my hair, not pulling n yanking it but just casually lovely playing w it

And please don't test my patience!

Iphone or Android Fuck background wallpaper selected by ModeMusthaves.com

my favorite word.

Camilo Matiz, I Love You/I’m Over You

Here Not There - I neon a doppio senso di Camilo Matiz

phone wallpapers - Google Search

Imagen de music, wallpaper, and black